All Your Wedding Planning Questions Answered

Planning & Advice

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the world of wedding planning! Since you’ve probably never done this before, you probably have tons of wedding planning questions! We don’t blame you. So, today we are sharing links to all our wedding planning posts which will help you to make informed decisions.

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Engagements & Proposals

How can I plan a romantic proposal?

I don’t know anything about engagement rings – help me!

What should I say when I propose?


For Newly Engaged Couples

I’m engaged! What do I do first?

What are some fun ways to announce my engagement?

I need help with the wedding planning lingo!

Which season is best for getting married?

Is a midweek wedding an option?

I’m about to choose my wedding venue – what questions should I ask them?

Which wedding suppliers should I book first?

How do I choose the right suppliers?

How can I choose the perfect wedding style and colours?

What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator?


Wedding Budgets

How do I create a wedding budget from scratch?

Where can I save and where should I splurge?

Are there any wedding expenses I haven’t thought of?

Can I repurpose my ceremony flowers at my reception to save money?


Legal & Ceremony

How can I personalise my wedding ceremony?

What do I need to do to get legally married in Ireland?


Staying Sane

How can I plan my wedding without going insane?

Is there something fun I can do with my partner while wedding planning?

How can I keep my wedding shoes from killing my feet?


Entertainment and Guest-Management

How can I plan the most fun wedding possible?

Is there a way to avoid awkward gaps of time on the day?

How can I plan my wedding day timeline?

Is there anything I should avoid doing at my wedding that guests don’t like?

How can I best look after my wedding guests?

What are my wedding reception entertainment options?

Who gets a plus one?

How can I make my wedding accessible and disability-friendly?

How do I decide where all my guests will sit?

What do I do if it rains on the day?


Bridesmaids & Hen Party

How can I make things easy on my bridesmaids?

I need to plan a hen party in Ireland – what are my options?

What should bridesmaids really expect to pay for?

How do I plan my wedding morning timeline with my girls?


And Everything Else!

Is there a way to make my wedding eco-friendly?

Childcare and entertainment – where do I even start?

How can I plan my wedding from abroad?

How can I deliver an amazing wedding speech?

Do I need to include all the wedding traditions?

How can I make sure the day doesn’t go by too quickly?

What should I do after I get married?

I want to keep the top tier of my wedding cake for my anniversary – how do I do it?

Do I need a makeup trial?

Are there any questions I should ask my cake maker?

What can I do with my wedding dress after the day?

What types of wedding table shapes are there?