Love Isn’t Cancelled: Pandemic Wedding Highlights

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If surviving a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s this: love will always win. Sure, couples have had to make some tough decisions. And yes, it’s taken its toll on everybody. We won’t deny that. But… these pandemic wedding highlights prove that couples will do whatever they can to (safely) celebrate their love.

Sparkly Christmas Wedding – Eimear & Paul

“We were very fortunate to get married on our original date as planned, however, there were huge changes we had to make. These things seemed like big things at the time but we both would not change our wedding for the world. It was amazing! We had nineteen guests and our original number was 199 but it was the most amazing experience, so I would advise couples not to get stressed by the detail as you will have an amazing day regardless. I think an intimate wedding is so special and it’s a totally different experience that’s about you as a couple with some family and a small number of friends.”

Wedding location: The K Club | Photographer: Ian Hennessy Photography | Read here

Dark Red and Blush – Emma & Michael

“Just go with the flow and don’t stress over small things. We ended up planning 3 weddings with different dates and locations due to Covid. But in the end, small and simple was perfect.”

Wedding location: Avalon House Hotel | Photographer: Stargaze Photography | Read here

A Disney Theme – Ciara & Lee

“Go for it no matter what restrictions are in place. We had 26 people at the wedding including ourselves and wouldn’t change it at all. Lee’s sister got Covid a week before the wedding, so she and his parents couldn’t come and my grandmother died the week before. We didn’t let anything ruin the day. It was a bit of sunshine after a terrible year.”

Wedding location: The Johnstown Estate | Photographer: Ronan HD Photography | Read here

Winter Wedding – Mary & Dermot

“Enjoy the planning process. Try not to stress too much about the what-ifs. Things have a way of coming together. Do not leave everything until the last minute even if you postpone. Enjoy the time spent with your family as we now know this is not always something we can take for granted. Take time out to spend with your Other Half on the day, just a few stolen moments is perfect.”

Wedding location: Glasson Lakehouse Athlone | Photographer: Alex Zaradov Photography | Read here

A Denmark Elopement – Lisa & Elia

The greatest memory I have about the wedding was of course the ceremony itself. The vows brought us to tears and before we could realize it was over the Celebrant turned to us and said “Now you’re married!” catching us by surprise. I believe the highest point of my joy was when I cried over my husband’s chest…”

Venue: Open-air museum in Maribo | Photographer: Wadham Scholtz | Planner: Nordic Adventure Weddings | Read here

Timeless Autumn Wedding – Jonathan & Michelle

Don’t worry about not being able to relax on the day. I’m such a control nut that I was worried I’d find it hard to relax and leave Jonny and Elaine run the morning. Once I had my first bellini it was just like a girl’s pamper party and I had the best lead into the day!”

Decorator: Elderwoods Wedding DecorPhotographer: Couple Photography | Venue: Kilkea Castle | Read here

A Music Theme – Annette & Miceal

“Our ceremony was beautiful and so personal. We had a harpist play. The celebrant told our story from we started dating in 2012 up until the wedding in 2020. We performed the handfasting, we exchanged rings and vows. We also told the celebrant 3 things we loved about each other and she told us what each other said at the ceremony. That was one of my favourite parts.”

Location: The Station House | Photographer: Renata Dapsyte | Read here

Everyone in Black Tie – Maria & Bill

“Don’t stress about the small stuff and keep it simple! Just be happy and grateful for the day that’s happening. It really is the most wonderful feeling. It doesn’t matter if there are 25 or 250, those who matter understand and are happy for you both! We changed our date so many times due to covid, so when we had our day it made us so much more grateful and happy to be there. All will be well, but most importantly, have fun!”

Venue: Ashley Park House | Photographer: Sean Sharpe Photography | Read here

A Wedding With 7 Guests – Suzanne & Mark

“Our ceremony was lovely. We did not know what to expect and had not organised any readings or music. Our celebrant was so kind and guided us through the ceremony without stress. It was lovely to have our daughter Charlotte with us and there was a relaxed atmosphere throughout. I was delighted we could still have traditions such as my dad walking me up the aisle to the song we had chosen for the original ceremony.”

Ceremony venue: Royal Hotel Bray | Reception venue: Clontarf Castle Hotel | Photographer: Lisa Chonier Photographer | Read here

A Colourful Wedding – Áine & Philip

“Covid has been tough for all. We decided we would follow through with our original date even if it was only us and our witnesses. I don’t regret one thing about our day. I do wish my sister in Australia could have made it along with other close relatives. I’m very grateful I had my wedding in September before the second lockdown and further restrictions. I think if it is what you really want, bite the bullet, get married and party later.”

Wedding venue: Galway Bay Hotel | Photographer: Ken Byrne Photography | Read here